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Members' Cruising Blogs
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cruising members are a prolific bunch. Enjoy their adventures in these well crafted, heartfelt blogs.

If you know of anyone of your cruising buddies, or if you yourself are currently cruising and actively blogging, please send us your link, a short byline, and a photo of your boat or of yourselves and we'll be happy to post it here.




Lionel Dobson & Barb Erickson  "SV Sea Whisper"  
Living our dream, life is not a dress rehearsal!


Bill & Gabrielle Eisenhauer “Hippodackl IV”
Join us on a family sailing adventure in the Med aboard our 1988 AMEL Sharki “Hippodackl IV”.


Barrie & Sandra Letts “Passat II”
We are in Florida finishing our preparations for a passage to Europe, via Bermuda and the Azores.


Wayne Lidstone & Judy Thompson “Curiositas”
We left Victoria on August 24, 2013 and 'turned left' August 30 with stops in San Diego, Cabo San Lucas and La Paz.  We plan to explore further north in the Sea of Cortez this summer, after that - we'll see!


Jordon & Judy Mills “Sea Turtle”
Left Victoria BC September/09 for circumnavigation on Sea Turtle IV and are still merrily sailing the seas.



Margaret & David Vander Hoek  “Heart and Soul”
One aircraft maintenance engineer and one physiotherapist ready to unleash themselves
on the blue areas of the globe.

Cathy and Bill Norrie on their Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37, "Terrwyn"
We are sailing our circumnavigation 6-9 months of each year and the rest of the time we spend in Calgary, Alberta working to fill the cruising kitty.

Kelly & Carol Arnold "S.V.  INTREPID II"
Began their cruising adventures with the Fleet of 2009, sailing down the west coast and into the Sea of Cortez.  They continue to explore Mexican waters while preparing to set sail for the South Pacific on their 40 foot Cape Dory Intrepid.

Ann & Barry Lange "Cat's-Paw IV"
We are part of the VI fleet of 2006, and instead of completing our circumnavigation by going through the Panama Canal, we are now headed to Nova Scotia and then possibly the Med.

Pete, Sara, Liam and Neli Huerter - "Riki Tiki Tavi"

Living and cruising aboard their 36 foot Coast cutter.



Carolyn Daley and family

Carolyn and Kathy, and their ship's dog Sophie, sailed to Mexico in 2011 in their Ontario 32 SV Shannon (Hull #1).  They were smitten with the rugged beauty and the people of the Sea of Cortez and have been "snow birding" and enjoying the Sea ever since.  They have just acquired a Catalina 34 (SV Shannon's Spirit) currently located in San Carlos/Guaymas.


Tanya Van Ginkel

Follow Tanya's travels aboard her Southern Cross 31, Kialoa.




Helen Butler and Ian Girvan

Currently in Sidney BC and plan to slip the dock lines and head toward Alaska this summer.




Pam and Ted Simper "Roundabout II"

We left Vancouver Island in August 2012 and spent a season in Mexico. In 2014, we sailed from Mexico to New Zealand, completing the first leg of our circumnavigation.  Currently at home for 2015.  The adventure will continue in 2016.





Darryl, Janet, Ella and Iris Lapaire  s/v Maple

We are a family of four who are new to sailing.  We sold our home and possessions in Vancouver, and purchased a Leopard 384 in Greece, moving aboard on July 2015.  Our immediate plans are to sail the Mediterranean for at least the next year.  We are starting out in the Adriatic Sea and plan to winter in Turkey.  We will see where 2016 brings us!


Andy, Jill, Porter and Magnus Cross  s/v Yahtzee

We're a family of four (two boys, Porter 2, Magnus 7-months) living, full-time cruising and racing aboard our Grand Soleil 39, Yahtzee. We lived-aboard in Seattle for a couple years and left our permanent moorage behind in August 2014. Since then we've cruised throughout the San Juan and Gulf Islands and plan to work our way slowly north over the next few years. 



James Howard s/v Golden Hind IV

My name is James Howard, better known to my friends as the Dreaded Captain James…  Don’t really know how I got the nickname but it seems to have stuck..  My obsession with sailing started many years ago when I moved from a power boat to the more relaxed pace of sailing.  I purchased a Kirby 25 fractional rig and got my feet wet literally and figuratively on this little bucking Bronco as I sailed her daily from my property and out on the Juan De Fuca.  The passion for sailing quickly grew into a desire to sail off for distant shores.

I researched pocket Bluewater Cruisers and the Albin Vega kept coming to the top…  Somewhere between dreaming and researching, I fell in love with a certain sailboat named the Golden Hind IV.  I purchased her out of Pedder Bay and the project began.  A 5 year plan…  To refit, fill the bank account as much as possible and untie the lines.  Many years have passed and the 5 year plan is coming to fruition.  This blog is a work in progress but through this medium, I hope to inspire others as I have been inspired by others to follow the dream…  The Golden Hind IV, a Vega to be reckoned with is about to step away from the shore and I hope that others will enjoy following the adventure as it unfolds. 




Barb Peck & Bjarne Hansen s/v Hoku Pa'a

Barb & Bjarne are planning on cruising the Sea of Cortez aboard Hoku Pa'a for some time, in 6 month stints. For them this is a return to the cruising life, after having been land-bound since 2006 when they returned from two years in the S. Pacific. 



Mags and Gord Wellwood s/v Kanilela

Mags and Gord Wellwood left Vancouver in 2014 and are currently in Panama after cruising and land travel in Central America. 



Laurie Ritchie & Scott Doran s/v Muskoka

Scott and Laurie are slowly exploring the world aboard their Lagoon 400 S2 catamaran and immersing themselves in both the cruising and the variety of world cultures until it stops being fun.

SV Muskoka 



Jason, Lisa and Carson Robinson s/v Bloom

Wake each day excited to Bloom in a new way; from land to sea, follow our family afloat and our epic journeys.

SV Bloom 




Wayne and Sheila Recker s/v Wayshegoes II

We have been members since the 80's. We left Vancouver Island 4 years ago and have been travelling between voyages and home. Hopefully to see the Caribbean this year and spending more time on our vessel.

Wayshegoes II 





Jane and Russell Poulston s/v Ta-B

Our sailing dreams are somewhat flexible. We spent our first two years in the Caribbean before crossing the Atlantic. We spent five years in the Med and are now back in the Caribbean. At the moment we plan to head to New Zealand via the Pacific in 2016.

s/v Ta-B 

Follow our progress here:


Tony Roberts & Karin Lengger s/v Mayaluga

Adventia B4 Dementia - the voyages of Karin and Tony



Larry Roberts and Mary Anne Unrau s/v Traversay III

Larry Roberts and Mary Anne Unrau have sailed more than 90,000 miles in Traversay III since her first launch. They have crossed every Meridian and reached Latitudes from 65 S on the Antarctic Peninsula to 80 N at the northwest tip of Spitzbergen. In 2016 they continue their adventures, sailing from Victoria, Canada to Townsville, Australia.

 Traversay III


Erik Dolson and Jane Miller, S/V Foxy

Writers and editors in their former lives, Erik and Jane spent this last winter (2016/2017) preparing for a trip to Alaska this summer. One sort-of-new and one brand-new sailor have already faced adversity, loss, and love as they set forth on an adventure neither expected. More about their work, play, and time together, as they follow the "second star on the right and straight on till morning," can be found at ""


Eric Carpentier & Karoline Monkvik, S/V Blackdragon

Twenty-something year olds who escaped the rat race to sail their 34' 1988 Catalina down the Pacific Coast to distant shores beginning Summer 2017.


Stefa Katamay and Jürgen Harding, S/V Mazu

After three years of preparation Stefa and Jürgen cast off the dock lines in August 2017 to head south. The plan is to let the plan evolve after spending a winter in Mexico.




Jay & Anita Bigland  “Karina C”
We are a crew of 2 ready to take on adventure on the Pacific Coast.

Brian Vezina & Dorothy McDowell “Tagish”
We just completed our circumnavigation and are now working our way home.

Sue, Ted and Josh Bannister

Bannister family wandering south until we have to return.

Michelle McCaughran & David Stapells "Pelagia"

Enjoying Mexico on Pelagia, our Sceptre 41, after sailing down the coast from Vancouver in the Fall of 2013.

Tricia & Jim Bowen "Falcon VII"

Trish and Jim are enjoying an open ended cruise on their Kelly Peterson 46, "Falcon VII".

Daragh Nagle & Cathryn O’Neill "Chantey V"

Follow the highs and lows of our Pan American Cruise on "Chantey V".


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