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Thefts in Costa Rica
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2013-04-27 at 9:47:30 PM GMT
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Thefts in Costa Rica

Thievery in Costa Rica has reached unprecedented levels with many dinghy motors being  stolen as well as other things above decks.  One French cruiser I talked to yesterday had all his electronics stolen while away and woke up one night to hear a someone hack sawing his dinghy motor lock.  This was in Gulfito and there was lots of party noise so he was lucky to save his motor.  Other countries are not too bad (except Mexico) but one has to be extremely vigilant down here. 

Message passed on from Carol and David Smith on Nuage

2013-10-24 at 6:04:07 AM GMT
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Hey if anyone sees a 2011 yamaha 6hp let me know it was stolen off Cypraea in Golfito in March 2013. Before we even cleared into Costa Rica.. and it was locked.


After our experience in Costa Rica relative to Panama, I recommend skipping Costa Rica


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