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Paper Charts: Roll or fold?
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2013-04-22 at 3:00:20 AM GMT
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Paper Charts: Roll or fold?

With my new boat, I now have quite a few paper charts to manage.  Given that the paper charts are somewhat of a back up for the Electronics, what are doner's thoughts on rolling charts vs folding?  rolled charts take much more space and can be hard to sort through. 



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2013-04-22 at 3:30:11 AM GMT
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I would fold

I think you'd want to fold them for storage.  You are going to have to fold them to use them anyway, unless you have a chart table big enough for a full size chart - not something you see on many boats.  And even if you did have a full size chart table (in which case you'd likely have full size chart drawers so you could store them flat and unfolded) I think you'd still be better off folding than wrestling with rolled charts, which always want to roll back up again.

2013-04-22 at 3:54:20 AM GMT
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We are confirmed folders.

Rollers, to their chagrin, find they must not only store the charts, they have to find room for the air in the middle too ;) 

To find space, we use a combination of portable file cases for 8.5X11 files (plastic ones from office despot or similar) and overhead storage using large vinyl chart envelopes suspended with nylon webbing straps (see attached photo). the storage in the photo is about 1/2 full by my estimate, and is holding ~60 charts

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2013-04-22 at 8:46:24 PM GMT
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When Dawn and I went cruising we found ourselves with a mis-mash of swap meet charts in all sizes and ages. What can you expect when you pay so little for a chart. For the areas we intended to cruise we wanted a continuous non-overlapping area of charts nor just some and not others. We settled on multiple Bellingham Chart Printers 2/3 grey scale portfolios to take us all the way from Mexico to New Zealand.

The chart storage was solved with Weems & Plath Telescoping Chart Cases that could expand to take up two chart portfolio's of over 100 charts each. Having them rolled up and protected from the elements was a plus for us.  Sure it costs more than hand me down charts but what is your boat worth? When we finished cruising we sold everything for 2/3 of what we bought it for since the chart cases kept out backup charts in like new condition.


2013-06-13 at 1:06:26 PM GMT
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The problem with folding is that, inevitably, the place you want to is right on the fold.  Eventually in humid environments and with use, these folds become rough and difficult to read.  We rolled all of our charts but didn't use he tubes like Tom did.  His method is the best in my opinion.

2013-06-14 at 5:12:35 AM GMT
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We have always folded our charts and with the exception of 3001 bought in 1981 and used almost daily when underway no parts have become difficult to read. Some of our charts date back to the early 70s - $1 charts. The thing is to use the minimum number of folds that allow them to be stored. The charts that aren't in immediate use are stored under the mattresses in the bunks. No complaints from happy crew.

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