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Off Shore Weather Course
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2012-12-30 at 6:44:50 PM GMT
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Off Shore Weather Course

I am looking for an in-depth off shore weather course.  Anyone know where I can find this course? 


 David Smith

(778) 237-0779

2013-01-02 at 4:21:02 AM GMT
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"Vancouver Marine Courses" offers a weather course (4 classes of 3 hours each).  I have not taken it, but I did take celestial navigation from the same instructor, Dominique Prinet, when he used to teach courses through Bluewater Cruising Association.  I found him an engaging and knowledgeable instructor  His website is

2013-01-06 at 5:01:22 PM GMT
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the Power Squadron offers 2 weather courses, and taken together they are a pretty comprehensive review. sadly, they are not offered too frequently.

2013-01-10 at 1:13:10 AM GMT
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Lee Chesneau will be teaching two one day courses at the Seattle Boat Show this year on January 30 & 31.

 Lee also has a web site:

I took a two and half day course from Lee in Seattle few years back with the Seven Seas Cruising Association. It was a very good course.

Fair winds, Paul

P Guenette

sv Christina-Eos

2013-01-12 at 7:24:19 AM GMT
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Offshore Weather Course
There are a couple of seminars at the Vancouver International Boat Show as well; Dominique is offering one or two, I think, and a meteorologist from Environment Canada is also presenting about Marine Weather.  Probably not as in-depth as you would like, but for your consideration...  Good luck!

2013-01-22 at 4:39:36 PM GMT
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Lee Chesneau's Forecasting with 500 mB Charts

I've heard lots of good things about Lee Chesneau's knowledge and excellence in teaching and I've been seriously considering taking his two courses at the upcoming Seattle Boat Show.  But I have a lot of the basic info from the first course already. The second, more intermediate course, is described as focusing on using 500 mB weather charts for heavy weather avoidance.  This would seem ideal, but I read this critique on and I don't know whether 500 mB charts are useful outside of the temperate zones, or if they are used by offshore sailors much at all.  Here's the critique:

 " I appreciated what you have writen on the "500 hPa” chart how much it is usefull in terms of weather analysis and forecast. This is true at mid latitudes in the two hemispheres. In between the tropics (23°N -23°S), this tool is of no help for meteorologists.From my experience in Africa (ACMAD, Niamey, Niger), I noted that this level is not used by collegues in the region. When we look at 500 mb analysis (or forecast), we rarely see an isoline or two between thes trpocs."

For offshore sailors, do you use 500 mB charts for route planning/forecasting?  What do you think of them?  Thanks.

2013-02-01 at 8:08:50 AM GMT
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RE: Lee Chesneau's Forecasting with 500 mB Charts
In all the time we spent in the tropics we never used the 500 mb forecast. We did use the surface forecasts from OZ and NZ to see what was ahead of us and what weather systems were coming across the Tasman. While in the tropics we used the Fiji Fleet code forecasts to see what systems were around us and above us.

2013-02-01 at 7:02:37 PM GMT
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Also David Sutcliffe was teaching some Off Shore Weather courses for the Vic - Maui race, you could contact him and he may have more information on where you can find a good course.

Jacquie Champion
Angelique of Vancouver

2013-05-22 at 6:24:11 AM GMT
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Coastal Weather for Mariners—more information

In April, your Cruising Committee hosted David Jones, the warning preparedness meteorologist at the Meteorological Service of Canada (Environment Canada). He presented a program to the members of the RVYC and Sidney-North Saanich Yacht Clubs and the Bluewater Cruising Association on how to assess the continuous weather reports we listen to when on the water.

David Jones promised to send us more information on this crucial topic. Here is the link that will take you to several of his presentations:

Cruising Committee
 Royal Victoria Yacht Club

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