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Flying the Burgee
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2018-01-11 at 6:42:57 PM GMT
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Flying the Burgee

Has anyone a definitive answer about where, when and how to fly the Bluewater burgee?

Searching the web simply provides a ton of vague and conflicting advice.

Basically I think we all wonder at times where to fly our flag of registry, the courtesy flag of a country we enter, the various burgees we accumulate and just imitate what we see around us at the time.

I think most of us fly the Bluewater burgee on the port spreader pretty much all the time until it falls apart, but is there an agreed protocol as to where, when and how, and how many if any other burgees may join it up there?

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2018-02-14 at 4:09:49 PM GMT
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It seems that all nautical guidelines and regulations come from the UK, so this should help in the flag etiquette of all flags, ensigns, and burgees.

2018-02-15 at 4:00:05 PM GMT
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Thanks. I had read that page previously and it left me more confused than informed, so I posted here in hopes of getting a clear definitive explanation for a Canadian with sloops that have two spreaders, two backstays, a topping lift and the possibility of a small flagpole on the stern but in some cases with interference from davits -- and no possibility of flying anything at the masthead.

I have a few club burgees plus some courtesy flags and Maple Leafs in various sizes.

Looking around this marina and others I see most sailboats flying courtesy flags (Mexican here) on the starboard spreader with the flag of registry the same size immediately below or a larger flag of registry flying at the stern on a staff or the topping lift and club burgees and radar reflectors occasionally on the port spreader.

Flags, especially the Mexican flag are up day and night with few exceptions.

I've flown the Maple Leaf on the topping lift just above the boom on occasion and on a small pole on the stern where the boat accommodates it , but right now, my Maple Leaf is the same size as the courtesy flag and right below it on the starboard spreader, with the Bluewater burgee on the port spreader below a radar reflector.


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