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2020 COVID19 & Cruising Discussions
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Please Read This Before Posting Locked Topic 0 L. Hansen   This is a difficult and stressful time.  Whether you are underway in a far place figuring out what to do next or at home deciding when it is wise to travel again, this is a place to share your questions on how the current pandemic situation affects your plans,  and a place to share the information and answers any of us might have.    If your questions are about cruising and boat matters in general and not related to the specific challenges we face in this  2020 pandemic,  please use the regular BCA forums which you can access from the left side of the home page ("Forums") Be safe, be prudent,  and above all,  use good judgement when you apply the information shared here by other members to your specific situation.   This forum is moderated.   Any posts which are abusive or contrary to BCA policies and values in other ways will be removed.   If you have questions or concerns related to this particular forum, send an email to with "Forum issue" the subject line of the email.
by L. Hansen
April 5, 2020
During a Pandemic 5 T. Morris Our boat is currently in Point Roberts marina so any sort of outing is out of the question, how many members are currently stuck in Point Roberts. other than hauling out and having your boat trucked to Canada what are our other options ?
by P. Magee
August 20, 2020
Crossing the “Closed” border during COVID 7 J. Clark Hawaii is a go, 14 days from last port of call is your COVID quarantine. Our dog needs a rabies blood test sent to their university and 30 days from that is her quarantine. I know most sail to Hawaii in June or July but we want to get south so hauling out in Nanaimo next week and then wait for the test results and we can start sailing!
by D. Campbell
August 19, 2020
SV Saracen: Our sail to Alaska via Mid-coast BC postponed 5 L. Hansen Charla and Jerry,Great to hear that you are safe! I am glad that you were able to and decided to put your plans on hold. Please stay connected and let us know how you are doing.Take great care,David
by D. Mitchell
April 24, 2020
COVID update from LaPaz 3 J. Oliver For R. Raymond: if you use Facebook: check out the French Poly Cruisers Facebook Group. They share some valuable resources for cruising that area. For Dennis: Great to see your update. Different locations in Mexico have different levels of lockdown. We checked out at Ensenada. Closures started to happen, limited Port Captain hours, grocery store staff wearing gloves, masks. Start of limiting quantities for certain items. Most important that I found is to find government sources for your answers or call directly to Marina. We had a lot of information provided to us that was incorrect.
by A. Weiss
April 17, 2020
Radio Bay, Hilo, Hawaii 1 B. Short Hi Brian! Great to hear from you. Thanks for "checking in" with the BCA community. I think you are much better off where you are in many ways... Take good care and stay well.
by J. Handley
April 14, 2020
Weekends During a Pandemic 2 T. Morris Thanks for posting this Jennifer. My response was not quite as kind!
by C. Norrie
April 11, 2020
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