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GIVENS Certified 6-Man Deluxe Offshore Life Raft 0 K. Ackerman GIVENS Certified 6-Man Deluxe Offshore Life Raft in soft valise.  Excellent condition (like new). This is one of the best life rafts ever made; you can be confident cruising offshore with this on board. Many articles describe how after speaking with people who had been in life rafts offshore they learn that high winds and topping seas tend to turn life rafts over. Once upside down they are hard, sometimes impossible to right again. The Givens huge ballast bag looks ugly in the pictures, but in fact that is what makes it the best raft on the market in the minds of many impartial observers. Check out Dimensions: 22 inches wide x 34 long x 18 high   Weight: 100Lbs Price: $3750 CAD (the life raft retailed for over $6000 USD!) Pick-up at The Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Victoria, BC. Contact: Paul Roberts at or (250) 415-1387  
by K. Ackerman
April 22, 2019
WANTED: Asymmetrical Spinnaker 3 D. Logan The spinnaker has now found a new home - Thanks Dave & Karon
by D. Logan
April 21, 2019
Oil Extractor, 6.5 litre 0 J. McKeown 6.5 litre West Marine Oil Extractor. All hoses, extension tubing and connectors included. Condition: Like new, barely used. $25.00
by J. McKeown
April 19, 2019
HYDROVANE FOR SALE 1 L. Greentree Hi there is your Hydrovane still available?
by C. Scorah
April 19, 2019
a 0 G. Tranter  
by G. Tranter
April 13, 2019
monitor wind vane for sale vane and drogue sold 0 G. Tranter I have a monitor wind vane for sale, it has the hub forward of the wheel and has the attachments for converting it to an emergency rudder. It was installed on my Ontario 32, and before that a C& C 35. Asking $2,500. I also have a Jordan Series drogue , 108 cones, asking $400. I have a DBC Swiftsure 4 man valise life raft. It was certified in 2007 and has not been used since. Estimated price to service is between $500 to $1,000. Make an offer   Gregg Tranter, grasal
by G. Tranter
April 13, 2019
Fitzwright Immersion Suit - Model 9700 - Adult Universal Size 0 M. Joubarne Very good condition.  Only used for training purposes in pool.  Packs away and stows easily.  Great to have on board in the rare event of having to abandon ship. Asking $75.00  Monique
by M. Joubarne
April 11, 2019
S.O.S. Recovery Ladder 0 M. Joubarne Compact Safety Recovery Ladder has 6 mounting steps for persons overboard that are able to climb back up.  Also features a recovery system for individuals that are disabled and unable to climb back on their own.  The unit is 7 1/2 feet when fully deployed, has four attaching points and stores easily.  We bought it as a safety backup for man overboard when we went to Alaska and thankfully only practiced with it.  Good safety gear for Sail and Power boats.  Certified Standard quality ISO 9001.  In new condition, asking $150.00.  Monique  
by M. Joubarne
April 11, 2019
Spinnaker car for Isomat NG60 mast 0 M. Terides Wanted: spinnaker car 3 1/8” approximate width. Isomat NG 60 mast. On a a CS36T
by M. Terides
April 10, 2019
Zodiac 6 Man LIfe Raft C/W Cannister and Cradle 0 W. Burr Last certified 2011 at DBC Marine Safety Systems. - Cost about $1000 including replacement of survival supplies Original cost of Cannister and Cradle -$727.17 Asking $700.
by W. Burr
April 8, 2019
Binnacle Cup/Binoculars Holder 0 K. Newman For Sale:  NEW Teak Four-Drink Drink/Binocular Rack, Whitecap Item #62634, 16 ½” L X 3 ½” H X 4” W.  Unopened, still in package.  $50. 
by K. Newman
February 22, 2019
Courtesy flags 1 A. Gaulin Hi Agathe,Rosario and I are interested in the flags if they are still available.Denis
by D. Heinrichs
February 18, 2019
Pre-filter system 0 A. Gaulin   Pre-filter system for watermaker - $30.00
by A. Gaulin
February 18, 2019
Guide "Landfalls of Paradise" 0 N. Beswick A crushing guide to the Pacific Islands. Authors: Earl R Hinz and Jim Howard Published in 2006 .University of Hawaii press $20.00
by N. Beswick
February 5, 2019
Various courtesy flags 0 N. Beswick Courtesy flags for Mexico, central America and South Pacific. $8 each. Call Neil on 250-884-1714 for destination list.
by N. Beswick
February 3, 2019
Log 2 B. Wheeldon sorry, missed your message and yes the log is still available
by B. Wheeldon
January 23, 2019
FOR SALE: Large CANNER pressure cooker. $125.00 0 Y. Harwood Large Canner/Pressure Cooker for sale:
by Y. Harwood
January 12, 2019
Lots of Parts (Online Swap Meet) 1 J. Gleadle Where are you?
December 15, 2018
Ice Cube Tray - standing 0 C. Daley Adler Barbour Verti-Cube ice cube tray. Aluminum ice cube tray designed for vertical freezing, with plastic insert for cube formation.  Downwind Marine is selling them for $80 USD.  ($50 Cad.) 
by C. Daley
October 23, 2018
SOLD 0 C. Daley One left. Yellow Lobo kayak... good condition, needs minor repair. Asking $150. Located in Maple Bay, VI. Please contact
by C. Daley
October 23, 2018
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