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Marine First Aid 0 D. Zaharik Last night at Fleet I asked if there was a recommended First Aid course for boaters and it was suggested that I look at BCIT for a course that is part of a larger curriculum but that could be taken separately... a 5 day intensive study. I looked... I can't find it... I'll look again Has anyone else taken a first aid course for sailing that could be recommended, including CPR, AED and marine specific topics? 
by D. Zaharik
April 25, 2018
Evacuation Coverage for Boaters 0 P. Bendall SkyMed Nautical has just upgraded our services and is designed specifically for the cruising community during a serious medical emergency while travelling. We look after You, Your family - including minor children and grand children, pets, your boat, remains in the event of death, and more! As a SkyMed member your costs and logistics are covered, and we bring you home to family, friends and Canadian health care.  As a member of BCA since the 1980's, and offshore sailor with over 150,000 miles throughout the world, I have experienced and witnessed many serious medical emergencies of the cruising community. People operate at about 50% during a medical emergency and make bad decisions. Costs for evacuation are now upwards of $100,000.00 US UPFRONT, and most people don't have this kind of money instantly available when a crisis strikes. The first 24-48 hours of a medical emergency entitled the Golden Hours, determine if and how you live. Choosing your evacuation coverage is not a time to be indifferent, frugal (although our Plan costs less than $1.00/day), or uneducated. Many people rely on their VISA and other programs which have huge holes in the fine print - which we generally don't discover until it's too late. As a result of my personal medical emergency in 2011 (hit by lightning 200 miles offshore), I have been working with SkyMed to develop this unique service for the cruising community. They listened. This Nautical Plan is one-of-a kind in the world, and only available to residents of Canada/US and Mexico. Our new prices are exceptional, and we now provide Global coverage 365 days a year. I strongly suggest that evacuation coverage be an essential component of your safety protocol. Please feel free to ask any evacuation questions and/or comparisons about your existing plan on this thread. Contact me for more SkyMed Nautical information and prices (prices on our general SkyMed website are not Nautical prices.) :    
by P. Bendall
October 24, 2017
What is in your first aid Kit? 5 J. Champion Our kit has Antibiotics for parasites, bacterial and viral infections (topical and oral and a ventilator) we used most of themPain kIllers of the high level get serious cause most countries have crazy regulations on pain killers, T3's were considered narcotics and were impossible to find in Central America Cold Medicine Bandaids burn relief and second skin imodium and heartburn relief - Jennie got an esophageal ulcer in the San Blas islands and we could only find some alkaselzer in Portabello (it was a rough few days getting there) itch relief and bug spray sunburn relief and sun screen These are what we used. Jennie is a OFA level 3 and has 10 years of lifeguarding experience. She set up a bunch of other things in our kit, but really it is the stuff you tend to just go to the corner store to pick up (here) that you forget to pack and you need the most. Dave 
by D. Wyness
October 24, 2013
Thefts in Costa Rica 1 C. McLean Hey if anyone sees a 2011 yamaha 6hp let me know it was stolen off Cypraea in Golfito in March 2013. Before we even cleared into Costa Rica.. and it was locked. After our experience in Costa Rica relative to Panama, I recommend skipping Costa Rica;)
by D. Wyness
October 24, 2013
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