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Insurance for French Polynesia 1 A. Weiss We are currently using Johnson-MEDOC and also have DAN Boater evacuation insurance. If I was younger than 65 I would use World Nomads - our experience with them was very good.
by N. Angerilli
April 26, 2020
Looking for a broker re: EU boat purchase 0 J. McKeown We are considering purchasing a new boat in the EU. Does anyone have a broker they could recommend to help with PST, GST, duty, VAT, CETA etc.? Our preference is to sail her home. Regards, Janet & Martin Long May You Run
by J. McKeown
August 29, 2019
Buying a boat in Mexico ? 1 P. Guenette Not sure on the transfer. On the tip, the existing one must be cancelled by the original owner so you can get a new one. I would suggest talking to a broker in Mexico on how they do it, or look in latitude 38 magazine for a tip-savvy service worker. It’s a conversation that comes up frequently in the magazine.
by R. Murray
January 1, 2019
Mexico immigration and TIP 1 B. Short and email accounts are easy to obtain and have three letters. Many people get them as throw-away addresses, and they can be configured -- as I recall -- to have a different reply-to address -- like your usual one.Interestingly, many Mexican email addresses end in two letters - .mx, so one would think they would have thought of that.
by A. Dick
December 14, 2017
Importing a sailboat from the USA to Canada 4 J. Howard I imported my 40 ft sailboat into canada over water no problem NO Broker all you need is proof of purchase ( register the boat in canada before importing ) and title search Tax and duty must be paid at time of crossing , no duty if the boat was made in the us . have all your paper work with and make an appointment with customs as to when you are across thy will advise as to the paperwork needed for the trailer you will need to take it in for inspection ( Canada tire ) good luck Eric
by E. Schnabel
November 17, 2014
Registration vs. Licensing 0 C. Daley hello, I have just met a gentleman who is convinced that Provincial Licensing is sufficient (rather than Canadian Registration) for proof of ownership and applying for a TIP in Mexico. Can you please confirm or clarify this statement? I m in the process of waiting for Canadian registration documents and would certainly prefer the shorter and less complicated Provincial licensing if that's sufficient. Thanks very much. C. Daley
by C. Daley
July 30, 2014
AGACE impounds in Mexico 2 J. Bigland
by J. Bigland
March 24, 2014
Import duty in Panama 1 R. Alfreds We never paid for anything we brought in on the airplane, as long as we had our boat documents and cruising permit. Mailing it in is trickier, and marine warehouse can import it in without duties. 
by D. Wyness
November 8, 2013
Corporate Boat.. or Personal Boat? 0 S. Muirhead Our boat is registered to my company.  I can prove ownership of both the company and the boat, but what kind of problems might I encounter as we travel?  Is the boat simply just a company owned boat entering port and I need a few more papers?  Otherwise getting the boat out of the company might be a problem -- but I will certainly look at doing this versus loosing the boat to a third world country.
by S. Muirhead
May 27, 2013
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