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How do I update my Currently Cruising Location
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2013-03-29 at 12:03:21 AM GMT
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How do I update my Currently Cruising Location

There is no place on the member’s record to record a cruising location without interfering with the delivery of currents and other mail from BCA.  As you may know however, boats have been allocated a separate membership with their own record that has an address section and this is the key to updating one’s cruising location – just update the location of the boat. 

Steps: 1.       Whoever is the member (i.e. whoever pays the membership fees) needs to log onto the website.

2.       Under the MY PROFILE menu on the upper right, click on Manage Profile

3.       The system may ask you to re-enter your password depending on how long it is since you last logged in

4.       Under Information & Settings, click on Sub-accounts.

5.       At the bottom of the My Sub-accounts page, you should see an entry for your boat.  You may have to scroll down to see the bottom of the page.  If you do not see the name of your boat, please contact us at

6.       Click on the tiny pen & paper icon beside the name of your boat.   Be careful not to accidently  click on the suspend or detach icons.

7.       Select the Country you (and hopefully your boat) is cruising in.  If you select Canada or the US, the system has been updated with Provinces and States and you can select one of these as the Location.  In the future we may add detailed Locations for other Countries .  If you can’t see a suitable County/Location email us and we will update the table.   You should also update the Where Moored field with the marina and city.

8.       While you are here, check that the other boat data is correct and add any additional information.  For example if you have a Volvo engine and add that in Engine Make, your boat will show up the next time someone searches for boats with Volvos.  There is also a free form Description, so brag a little.

9.       Click on "I accept the terms of use” if you do and Save Changes.

10.   You are done. 

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