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Looking for Adventurers: Solomon Islands to Japan
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2019-12-10 at 6:31:44 AM GMT
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Looking for Adventurers: Solomon Islands to Japan

Hi, my name's Dan and I'm a new captain sailing my family boat from the Solomons to Japan as part of multi-leg trip from New Zealand to Canada. This is the boat that my father built and that I grew up on. She's basic but solid (steel) 34 ft sloop (Ganley Shadow) and sails well. I've grown up sailing on this boat and have crewed in the Carribean and on crossings from Tonga to NZ, Fiji to NZ, NZ to Vanuatu and the BVI to New England and Maryland. 

I'm looking for crew for a passage from the Solomon Islands to the the Southern Islands of Japan with stop offs in Papua New Guinea and Palau. The plan is to return to the Solomons first week of March (2020) then spend two to three weeks getting her ready and leave the Solomons for Palau at the end of March. Get to Paula by the end of April and have a week or so to rest before heading onto the Southern Islands of Japan and getting there about mid-May. After that we'll take about a month and half cruising up the Southern Island chain before bedding her down in the South of Japan. I'm looking for crew who can either do the whole voyage or one of the legs from either the Solomons or PNG to Palau or from Palau to Japan. Up to you.

Ideally I'm looking for good sailors with some solid experience. If you lack experience then practical skills are highly desirable - can you cook? Sow? Fix a generator or an outboard? Good with electrics? Most important is someone down to earth and relaxed who can keep calm and roll with the punches and isn't prone to panic under stress. Being able to follow instructions and handle being told what to do is also important. Money wise, I'm looking for crew who can pay their way including chipping in for provisions and fuel and covering their own costs but that's it.

If you're interested in joining the voyage or know someone who is then send an email to



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