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more on paper charts - Baja to New Zealand
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2017-01-10 at 11:16:09 PM GMT
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more on paper charts - Baja to New Zealand

I have accumulated sufficient paper charts (about 80) for the route from Mexico through the South Pacific and on to New Zealand. These have come from various sources and I have ended up with some replicates which I am happy to pass on gratis. These are:

i. Tonga (T82, NZ82). Greyscale. Laser print from Government of NZ TIFF file.

ii. Samoa Islands to Tonga including Niue (INT 631, NZ14631). Laser print from NZ TIFF on 24 lb paper. Waterproof ink. 

iii. Manue to Tahiti (DMA 83021). Original.

Note that the Government of NZ makes nautical chart digital files available for free with no copyright restrictions. Resolution Printers in Vancouver will print these using waterproof colour laser ink on paper of your choice. If printed on 24lb paper the cost per print is about $10. Quality is excellent. Compared to BA charts printed on demand at $54/print, they are very good value. Contact Chris at  They are fast and because they are normally printing technical engineering drawings they understand the importance of scale and dimensions for measurement purposes.

During my search for charts I was also contacted by a sailor in Oregon who has a full set of charts but no longer needs them. Details:

"These vary in size and print date, and are all black and white. These are a verity of sources, some are French, New Zealand, etc. but they are the hand picked favorites of skippers doing the "Puddle Jump" to the Marguessas, Tahiti, and on to New Zealand or Australia. This set is unused also but the outside edge of the roll is crinkled ( no tears) from storing and handling. They are available for $ 80.00 plus shipping."

contact: steven counard

2017-01-11 at 2:59:24 AM GMT
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Great... i'll take them off your hands... thx

call me 604-837-3581

Jean Baillargeon

Why should I care about posterity?
What's posterity ever done for me?

Groucho Marx

2017-01-11 at 7:32:21 PM GMT
Posts: 18
hi: best to reach me at marathon1150 at gmail dot com to figure out how I can get the charts to you.



2017-01-13 at 8:47:31 PM GMT
Posts: 83
Just emailed you

Jean Baillargeon

Why should I care about posterity?
What's posterity ever done for me?

Groucho Marx

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