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Thinking of sailing offshore


Connect with our BCA MENTORS.

Welcome to our Bluewater Cruising Community!

The mission of Bluewater Cruising Association is to foster seamanship and friendship for people with an active interest in offshore cruising.  We achieve this by providing a forum for communication and information exchange among members through regular meetings, social events, courses and especially, the Association's widely acclaimed publication, "Currents".

Education is a cornerstone of the Association. We teach aspiring offshore sailors how to prepare themselves and their boats for sailing beyond protected coastal waters. Sail around Vancouver Island, to Mexico, to Bora Bora or around the world! We can help you realize your offshore sailing dreams with the appropriate marine courses, a focus group of sailors like you getting ready to go, an offshore trial voyage and guidance from experienced mentors.  To learn more, please click the blue Education button on the left side of the page.

BCA's membership is diverse and includes a wide range of experience: "Doners", who have returned home after completing an offshore passage; "Doers", who are still out there cruising; and "Dreamers", who are considering or actively planning an offshore adventure.

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BCA Member Directory 2019 - Its Time to Update Your Profile!

As work begins on the 2019 Member Directory, all members are encouraged to review and update their profile, including contact info, before the end of February.  How do you know if the information is accurate, up-to-date?


Follow these easy steps to review the existing information and make corrections or updates:

  • Sign in (upper right rail)
  • Click on ‘Manage Profile’ (upper right rail)
  • Click on ‘Edit Bio’ (found under “Information & Settings”)
  • Review / update your information and save changes (bottom of page)

If you are the primary member (the one who pays for the membership) check to make sure:

  • Your boat's name and type are up-to-date
  • Marina or Currently Cruising info is up-to-date
  • Your partner/spouse (the associatemember) and/or boat are listed as ‘sub-accounts’:
    • Click on ‘Sub-accounts’ (look for the small blue box on the left after saving your Edit Bio changes, ORclick on ‘Sub-accounts” found under “Information & Settings”)
      • Is your partner/spouse linked to you?
      • Is your boat linked to you?
      • If they aren’t, follow the prompts to create a sub-account

If you do not remember your username and/or password, if your sub-accounts are not linked to your account, or if you have any other questions about updating your profile, email Vimmy, BCA’s administrator, for assistance.


Volunteers needed - Vancouver International Boat Show

Dates: Wednesday, February 6th to Sunday, February 10th 2019

Place: BCA Booth at BC Place, and BCA Bluewater Boat at Granville Island


Vancouver International Boat Show

The Vancouver Boat Show is coming in February 2019 and BCA will be attending at both locations - an indoor venue at BC Place and Floating Show at Granville Island. Volunteers are needed to represent and promote the Bluewater Cruising Association to current and potential new members, and your support is welcome!

Volunteer shifts are available in 2 or 3 hours time slots, and volunteers will receive an exhibitor pass for the day that will give free access to both locations for the day of their shift. You may volunteer for multiple days and/or locations. A brief orientation session will be provided in support of all volunteers. 

Shifts available:

Set up Tuesday, February 5th

BC Place - time TBD

Wednesday, February 6th

BC Place - 16:00-18:00 

Granville Island - 14:00-17:00

Thursday, February 7th

BC Place - 12:00-14:00, 14:00-16:00 and 18:00-20:00

Sunday, February 9th

Granville Island - 10:00-12:00, 12:00-14:00 and 14:00-17:00

Take Down Sunday, February 9th

BC Place 17:00

In order to sign up for one of the available shifts, please email Lana Wong


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Vancouver 2019 - Sails: Inspection, Maintaince,- Full -Please Go to Feb 20 class.

2019-02-01 » 2019-03-22
Ocean Cruising Adventure Series 2019

OCA 2019 - Sailing Away

Vancouver 2019 - Electronic Navigation Essentials

Vancouver 2019 - Passage Planning & Offshore Voyaging

Calgary Club Night - Sailing with the Ritchies

2019-02-06 » 2019-02-10
Vancouver International Boat Show

Vancouver 2019 - Fiberglass, Epoxies & More: How, When & Why to Use

Vancouver Club Night - Blue Water Women

VI Mid-Island 2019 - Basic HAM Radio

VI Victoria 2019 - Abandon Ship: Stay Alive in Your Life Raft

VI South Club Night -- Eleven Years on the Old Man’s Old Boat

Vancouver 2019 - #2 Sails: Inspection, Maintaince, Design, Repairs

Vancouver 2019 - Rigging (Standing & Running) Maintenance & Inspection

VI Victoria 2019 - Keeping Healthy Bodies on the Boat