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Welcome to our Bluewater Cruising Community!

The mission of Bluewater Cruising Association is to foster seamanship and friendship for people with an active interest in offshore cruising. We achieve this by providing a forum for communication and information exchange among members through regular meetings, social events, courses and especially, the Association's widely acclaimed publication, Currents.

Education is a cornerstone of the Association. We teach aspiring offshore sailors how to prepare themselves and their boats for sailing beyond protected coastal waters. Sail around Vancouver Island, to Mexico, to Bora Bora or around the world! We can help you realize your offshore sailing dreams with the appropriate marine courses, a focus group of sailors like you getting ready to go, an offshore trial voyage and guidance from experienced mentors. Check BCA's calendar of events for upcoming courses and register today!

BCA's membership is diverse and includes a wide range of experience: "Doners", who have returned home after completing an offshore passage; "Doers", who are still out there cruising; and "Dreamers", who are considering or actively planning an offshore adventure.

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Commodore's Message

COVID-19 Impact on Cruising Plans

Dear BCA Members and Friends,

As the weather warms and our hopes for summer cruising start to surface, I ask that we all take a good hard look at the impact our presence may have on the communities that have so often welcomed us with open arms and provided us with sailing joy. Many of these destinations have very limited access to healthcare providers and resources to deal with a COVID-19 outbreak and related impacts. Even for shorter trips closer to home, we should be well prepared and keenly aware of potential risks. Some of the resources we may need in an emergency (such as RCM/SAR) are operating at reduced levels due to the overall situation.  

We don't want our travels to put our friends in jeopardy, stress limited resources, or put ourselves in a situation where we can’t get the medical attention we need.

Our Board and Watchkeepers have been working hard to provide us with various social media resources. These can be a great source of information to all as we continue to fight through these troubled times. Please look through our Facebook page, Twitter account, Currents, and the links on our website home page focused on COVID-19 impacts. Consider sending in articles and photographs, share your experiences, and describe how you creatively attend to your sailing lifestyle while keeping yourselves and others safe.

BCA members can take this opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to the protection of our communities and our role in helping preserve sailing destinations for those who will follow.

Together, we can successfully navigate these troubled times and thrive as a community.

Please, stay safe, take care of each other, and spread your love.

David Mitchell


Bluewater Cruising Association

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