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Canadian vessel registration question 1 D. Bryant I believe that a letter of permission, properly notarized should suffice, but there may be other issues as the registration is also a document of ownership AFAIK. A good source of advice is Colette at Marine Titles(Canada) 400 - 1681 Chestnut Street Vancouver, B.C. V6J 4M6 Fax: (8 8 8) 352-2829 Email: Tel: (604) 736-3377 I used Colette's services recently when buying a boat out of country.. She checks title, and does all the due diligence that is prudent when buying used. Or, a marine lawyer could be consulted.  I doubt if there would be a charge for that information unless some actual legal work was undertaken.
by A. Dick
December 13, 2017
Boat shipping 0 C. Smith Need some advice for a boat to be shipped from New Zealand to Golfito then on to Victoria. Apparently it has to be done in two stages as the full route is not available.  What are the companies doing Golfito/Victoria these days and are there any to be recommended or not recommended.  The boat is a catamaran.    
by C. Smith
September 11, 2017
Winmor and Icom M802 0 D. Brown Has anyone been successful in using Winmor (instead of a Pactor modem) to send and receive email using Winlink with an Icom M802?  I've followed all the instructions, but can't get the computer to change the frequency on the Icom, and can't connect with an RMS station.
by D. Brown
June 15, 2017
Surveyor 1 D. Brown Jim Normey - . He is located on the island but does come over to the mainland - knows his stuff very well. Lots of accreditation and tons of experience.
by R. Fritter
April 13, 2017
Haid Gwaii 0 D. Brown We are planning to visit Haida Gwaii this year.  Does anyone have any favourite anchorages/places to visit or other thoughts/recommendations they'd like to share?  We expect to be there late June/early July.
by D. Brown
February 24, 2017
Seeking Liveaboard Moorage on Vancouver Island 0 C. Santos Ahoy Fellow Sailors!   My partner and I currently live on mainland Vancouver (at one of the few liveaboard marinas over here). We are moving to the island come April, 2017 and are wondering what are some marinas to check out and keep in mind? We have a 32' Ontario and every marina we have been contacting (as many as possible) so far all doors seem to be closed to us at the moment. Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice or help would be super appreciated!!
by C. Santos
January 31, 2017
Looking for house/cat sitter 0 D. Brown Thinking of doing an extended cruise this summer, tentative plan is leaving beginning of June, returning end of July.  Wondering if anyone would be interested in house/cat sitting?  House is  rancher in Surrey.  Cat needs daily meds.
by D. Brown
January 26, 2017
Circumnavigating Vancouver Island 0 W. Drechsler We are planning on leaving the work a day world and heading for Mexico with the 2018 Baja Ha Ha. Before we turn left we thought we would take 3 months and go around Vancouver Island from about May - July. At this point our plan is to go North on the inside and South on the outside. We are looking for any suggestions on planned direction, time of the season, favorite anchorages, etc. We are really looking forward to our adventure and are excited to hear your comments and suggestions. Thanks in advance, Walt & Linda Drechsler S/V Pellucidar
by W. Drechsler
January 15, 2017
Missing brief case 0 C. McLean Has anyone seen our briefcase? Flat. Black leather. Containing fleet information. It was left behind at the November Club meeting. Cameron and Marianne  
by C. McLean
December 18, 2016
Missing patent log 0 C. McLean Just before we headed offshore in 1996 Hugh Ellwood gave me his father's patent log to take on our journey. Although it traveled with us it wasn't used. When we returned in '98 I thought it could be made into a trophy of some sort. I can't remember who I passed it to. I haven't seen is since.  Does anyone have a recollection of this? Does anyone know who might have been making trophies in those days? Has anyone seen it while looking around in our storage areas? Cameron
by C. McLean
August 6, 2016
Crew and Vessel under threat of arrest and seizure In Costa Rica 1 A. Gunson Wow! What an ordeal! Glad you got it all worked out.
by R. Morrison
April 29, 2016
Seeking Advice re: SPOT devices 1 C. Daley We have had a spot for about 8 years now. It is very reliable in telling our contacts at home where we are at all times, in Mexico, USA and Canada. Took it to Fiji with us 3 years ago and it didn't work there, although we understood it was "world wide". Very happy with ours.
by M. Williamson
July 22, 2015
Offshore PFD policy on your boat.. 0 J. Howard A day with Lin and Larry Pardey.I just recently had the pleasure of spending a day with Lin and Larry. Steve Callahan as well. These are people who have sailed thousands and thousands of miles offshore... What surprised me, was that none of them believe in wearing PFD's or the use of lifelines offshore. Not unless it gets really bad.. This surprised me. I have cruised offshore, crossed the Pacific and always wore a PFD and shackled to a Jack line when offshore above 5 knt. And ALWAYS when cruising by any artificial steering.... What are your thoughts?
by J. Howard
September 5, 2014
Fridge Baskets 1 T. Winkler We bought ours at a Dollar Store and they have lasted at least 10 years.
by D. Smith
April 27, 2014
Mexico 1 D. Cherry Go to select "lectronic latitude" Jan 8 2014 has a good summary but you can fallow the build up in previous date postings.Cheers Rob
by R. Dodge
January 8, 2014
Yacht transport business 2 C. Smith Thanks Glenora!  We are very much looking forward to getting home.Yacht transport seems to be an intricate business and perhaps with more boats choosing this option, the business will get loaded up with less stable providers.  Right now, the company we are using is the only major provider on this route, stopping in at  La Paz and Ensenada between Golfito, Costa Rica and Victoria.  They are expensive but are customer oriented with a legitimate office in Florida and dedicated staff.  Our experience with Company A was quite different.
by C. Smith
July 11, 2013
Baja Haha Or Not? 1 A. Naismith We've done Mexico twice - meet Richard of Latitude 38  and the haha organizer in '82 - he's a nice guy with lot of experience and stories but we didn't haha in '94 for at least 2 of the reasons you highlight.With so many boats out there at once things can get very hectic in reduced visibility which we have had on the west coast of the Baja - thunder storms with 100 ft visibility in torrential rain and 40 knots of wind -only last a few hours but scary when  you are around 15 boats you have been conversing with for a few days and have a fair idea where every one is as the storm hits - absolutely terrifying with 180 boats in the fleet!! Then when you hit Turtle Bay or Santa Maria all the best anchorage spots will be taken and you are out in the rolly, deep areas a long way from shore. Forget getting anything in Turtle Bay as supplies won't supply the fleet.The West Coast is an interesting cruising ground - we spent about 3 weeks going down both times and a couple of weeks heading North after our circumnavigation. If you meet a couple of compatible boats on your way down the California coast you can have a very full social life as you gunk hole south.
by R. Dodge
June 17, 2013
marine electrician 1 C. Daley HiI would highly recommend the boys at Pacific, Yacht Systems, owner Jeff Côté. Very good, thorough, reliable, real pros. 604-251-4038. Mention I recommended you. cheersJean B.C. Daley said:Can anyone recommend a good marine electrician in the Vancouver area?  Thanks.
by J. Baillargeon
May 24, 2013
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