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Personal data viewable to outsiders on BCA Forum Posts 3 T. Baker Ian and JB I agree with what you both are saying. If you look at the subject of my original post you will see I am only talking about personal data contained within posts in the Forum. Any personal data a BCA member adds into their post IS viewable to anyone doing a Google search. I never said personal data about the members themselves outside of what is in their post is visable. I believe a message should go out to the general membership saying that content of any post is viewable to the outside world. It never was like this in the old website Message Forum and BCA members need to be alerted to this danger so they don't expose their personal data.
by T. Baker
February 11, 2013
Refridgeration repair? 0 J. Graham Could anyone recommend a marine refridgeration repair person in Sidney or Victoria?  
by J. Graham
May 1, 2017
Watermakers 2 C. Carter If you are interested in engine driven I can highly recommend the Aqua Marine 24 USgpm water maker. We've made thousands of gallons with ours and it has never caused us any problems.
by D. Smith
June 8, 2014
Help re: CNG bottle refills rentals sales near Vancouver, BC 3 M. Nolan Mike once your leave CA & US waters you will be hard pressed to find anything other than Propane or Butane gas. Mexico was all propane. No body in the South Pacific carried CNG and most yachties converted to propane which can be found everywhere. In French Polynesia they use Butane until you get to NZ. Butane runs hotter but once the tank is lower burns like propane. Cheers, Tom
by T. Baker
July 23, 2013
Aries wind vane questions - hinged rudder and emergency rudder 8 P. Dickie Thanks Rob - your experience with the aries is reassuring - if the aries rudder could independently steer your endurance like that it should be able to steer my spencer (similar full keel with cutaway forefoot, but quite a bit narrower and lighter).  To meet race requirements for an emergency rudder recently, I relied on the steering lines to lock the rudder upright, just as you suggested (though a metal brace like monitor uses for its emergency rudder would probably be better - no stretch to worry about).  I also had lines ready to run from the vane holder down to either corner of the transom, then forward to the cockpit, to tilt the vane holder in either direction - I figured I this would be easier to handle than leaning over the transom to steer with the vane holder itself (plus I could always run the lines to winches if I needed mechanical advantage). One of these days I'll go and test it out in a bit of a sea.  Thanks again.
by P. Dickie
May 12, 2013
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