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Self steering problems
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2013-05-25 at 7:25:34 PM GMT
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Self steering problems
I have received the following email from Sea Reach (John and Geraldine). I would like to help, but at the present time, I can't find a link to a detail of the hydraulic pump. "Our hydraulic linear drive is making a sound that is concerning. Our Hydrovane has not been useful in this downwind run ( and has been pretty bolshie on most other points of sail, for some reason that is not clear to us)and we have had to rely on the auto-pilot. It looks as if we could be on this heading for the remainder of the trip. WE would like to trouble shoot this if we could. The unit is a Raymarine hydaraulic linear drive, M81200, Type 2 Hydraulic Linear Drive 12V. We would love to have a diagram of the motor and pump that drives the unit so that we can know what we are dealing with before we decide to do surgery on it. A relevant page or two from the appropriate source,in PDF. An internal diagram of the pump is the most important piece of information that we need. Can you send an attachment? If you can only send it if it is very small 10-20 kb at the outside. I know that this is going into a weekend, it was ever thus." I can play with the formatting to dummy it down for winlink or sailmail. What I need is a .pdf of the diagram or a link. I have corresponded with a Raymarine repair depot and have yet to hear back. Hand steering half the way to Hawaii is an odious choice for a crew of 3.

2013-05-25 at 9:53:22 PM GMT
Posts: 18
Maybe you can put them in touch with Hydrovane. There is something strange going on here.

2013-05-26 at 2:49:19 AM GMT
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there are a lot of manuals and diagrams at .

Note that the diagrams may have the pump and the drive unit/cylinder in separate parts, requiring more part numbers for the two halves. Getting any useful info out in 15-20Kb however is likely to be the stumbling block, most online documents assume lots of bandwidth to download, and many of the parts diagrams at the link above will also require downloading a 2d or 3d software package.

Due to more stringent consumer regulations, EU sites often have better manuals and parts diagrams available.

Getting any windvane to steer well downwind is a challenge as they need good apparent wind to work well. Slowing down and balancing the sails may do the trick to make that happen.

good luck!

2013-05-28 at 4:58:42 AM GMT
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Self steering problems
We realigned the Hydrovane and are happy to report that "Windy" is much better. From Jay Bigland

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