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How to clean my disel engine.
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2013-02-11 at 9:22:08 AM GMT
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How to clean my disel engine.

The master cabin at in the aft of the boat smells of disel.

I want to wash the engine down to reduce the smell of diesel.

When the engine has been serviced over the years fuel has been spilled and when the jets have been 'cracked' to let the air out diesel has been spilled on the engine.

I feel if I spray a de-greaser on it then wash it down I will reduce the smell.

What should I use?

Any favourite degreasers and any pit falls to avoid?



2013-02-11 at 2:58:32 PM GMT
Posts: 7

Bill, I use MEC bicycle chain cleaner. Some of the engine spray cleaners are quite toxic, but the MEC product is not. In fact it is gentle enough to be used as a hand cleaner, is inexpensive, and has no odour. In addition to getting rid of oil and grease on parts, it cleans some oil stains from clothes when applied prior to washing. If used on gel coat, it needs a good rinse or the gel coat will be a bit slippery. I keep some in a spray bottle on the boat and have been using it for several years without problems.

Adam Wanczura

2013-04-14 at 5:04:29 PM GMT
Posts: 29
Cleaning engine
All diesel engines will leak fuel when you are changing fuel filters or bleeding the engine.  Otherwise they should be tight and fuel leak free.  If your engine is constantly leaking fuel you need to have it serviced and rendered leak free, cleaning won't solve your problem.

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