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Mounting of Solar Panels ?
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2013-01-10 at 1:02:55 AM GMT
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Mounting of Solar Panels ?


I have two 190 watt panels that I plan to mount this year. It looks like the cost of an arch to mount them on is more than the cost of the panels. 

Just wondering what other people are doing for the mounting of solar panels on their boats?

If you have pictures of your mounting system that would be appreciated.

Thanks Paul

P Guenette

sv Christina-Eos

2013-01-10 at 4:33:08 AM GMT
Posts: 8
Mounting on stern pulpit
I just used a few lengths of stainless dodger tubing and some dodger fittings to mount mine off the stern pulpit (plus some flat aluminum stock to beef up the panels).  My stern is narrow, so the panels don't stick out as far as my maximum beam - don't think I'd want to do it this way on a boat with a wide stern.  Held up ok to Hawaii and back.  I don't have a great picture, but the one I've attached should give you the general notion.  My panels are a lot smaller though - not sure it would work with yours - depends on size of stern pulpit.

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2013-03-16 at 1:47:21 AM GMT
Posts: 15

i mounted 4 80w panels on a bimini frame -- no fabric, just the panels. so far so good.


2013-04-14 at 5:15:25 PM GMT
Posts: 29
Solar panels
We bit the bullet and added an arch for our  4 x 85W panels.  Nothing above the panels so they get unobstructed sun and we have seen up to 19 Amps. going into our batteries.   From people we have met offshore the side rail mounted panels are not well liked as at least one side is being affected by the shade of your boat even with overhead sun.  One addition I would highly recommend is a 3 step solar charger.  We have a Blue Sky solar boost 2000E and it makes all the difference to the solar charging experience.  We have a  spillover fridge and freezer and rarely have to charge our batteries running our engine.  Our watermaker is engine driven and when we make water (once per week) we stuff some amps into the batteries though usually they don't need it.

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