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Boat shipping
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2017-09-08 at 12:03:08 AM GMT
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Boat shipping
Need some advice for a boat to be shipped from New Zealand to Golfito then on to Victoria. Apparently it has to be done in two stages as the full route is not available.  What are the companies doing Golfito/Victoria these days and are there any to be recommended or not recommended.  The boat is a catamaran.  

2017-09-08 at 4:50:12 PM GMT
Posts: 5
The coastal route is a tough passage. Can be done but you need a tough crew, tough boat, time to wait out contrary winds, and lots of fuel. Golfito is near due south of Toronto so you get to do a lot of miles west. Leave Golfito late November/December after hurricane season, punch up to San Diego Jan/Feb while enjoying some stops along the way. Wait for northern summer - and depart San Diego May/June. Pay close attention to weather all the way and wait in port if wind > 15 knots on the nose.

Lots of sailors favour the Hawaii route which is likely easier on a proven boat and crew. Leave after hurricane season, motor sailing north to find the trades which you can ride to Hawaii. Enjoy Hawaii for a few months until northern summer - then go straight north for some hundreds of miles to get north of the Pacific high and into westerlies before turning east.

If any doubt about the boats off shore capabilities - coastal route offers many places to bail out. You may want to consider hired captain/crew.

If $ are not an issue - I think I would wait in Golfito for next scheduled run - but consider that some boat moving companies are not so reliable. That would be easiest route and boat would arrive without much wear and tear.

2017-09-11 at 8:26:11 PM GMT
Posts: 27
Thanks Rae. Sailing it is not an option at this point. We shipped ours but, you're right - one needs time to spare as our ship was late arriving in Golfito and the date couldn't be confirmed until a few days before. They break down and get hung up in other ports. Our first booking in fact was cancelled and we had to start all over again....while sitting in Golfito. It's great when it arrives here, though.

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